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PostPosted: May Fri 09, 2008 12:20 pm    Post subject: Future Israel(s) Reply with quote

Yesterday was the 6oth anniversary of Israel’s modern independence, a day I had never before marked with any observance. I sat with the Magi Process on the theme “Israel at 60.” The bracketing process was lengthy, reflecting personal ties to the land – especially the blooming of the desert through the planting of thousands of trees. Ties to the language – like the desert, revived in modern times, and now embodying the ever-present Israeli societal dynamics between the holy and the “secular.” Ties to the modern-ingathering of Jews. Struggles with the many ways in which I perceive Israeli Jews and Arabs each as “victim” and “perpetrator,” and Diaspora Jews and non-Jews to be friends, allies, enemies, and manipulators. Questions about the boundaries of the land. Belief that only God holds land in perpetuity. All of this so alive in my body, and so prevalent in “my own life.” Most fundamentally my sense of the land of Israel as a place where space-time collapses: archeological memories/remains of thousands of years of history face one everywhere; hopes and hatreds real, imagined, and embellished are fed by memory and play out in religion-politics-geopolitics (the 3 seem inseparably bound) there; apocalyptic and messianic futures recorded through history and cherished by many around the globe that are potently present. If you ever had the blessing to stand on the Mt. of Olives, looking towards the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount, you may have experienced just how thin the air is there between divine realms and earthly life.

This practice left me with a conviction that the Poison Ground of centuries can become visible to enough humans to free Israel and its dwellers to birth a different Future Israel than has yet been imagined.

This experience was so potent that I invited my study group colleagues to join me in this theme..I look forward to hearing from you blessed Awakeners.

Then I read my morning paper today: I had “forgotten” in my bracketing, to include the specific that Arabs observe this day as “al-Nakba,” the Day of Catastrophe. A new theme for the Magi appears.
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