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At the end of the Middle East project, I learn a couple interesting things.

1. Friends and enemies in other worlds laughing when someone has the intent of stopping the world from destroying itself doesn't minimize the seriousness of the problem. When conflicts have been resolved in nondestructive, life-giving ways, friends and enemies are abe to laugh together. So when they laugh in other worlds we see the end result of our intent to stop the world from destroying itself. When we laugh with them, the undoing of the polarized destructive pattern arises.

2. Jason's questions got me thinking and I started exploring anger. To me the angry vectors arise with the conflict by the participants - they have a story and are in opposition to something. As Talia so beautifully said, the underlying dynamic is form anxiety.

The angry gods have no story and are the essence of anger itself. They have the qualities of both resistance and aggression - the pure, intense, alive forces for change and resistance to change - moving forward and standing still no matter what.

While I was encountering the angry gods, it occured to me to allow them to simply be rather than avoid them. When I did that, I was amazed to find that we became friends. It reminded me of the story of the Buddha and Mara sitting down to tea.

The day after becoming friends with the angry gods, I experienced intense rage at being alive, and I was no longer ashamed or fearful of my anger.

Then my poison ground issues arose. I was born during world war II into a family that was at war with itself. World war II ended, but my family's war continued for 50 years. Although I've been working on my wounds from this for years, I was now finally able to fully see that my family's war was largly based on fear that father and uncles would not return from the world war. When I held that possibility in the present - that they really could have died in the war - something very deep in my being relaxed and healed. The world is a different place for me now.

Thank you Jason, Talia, and all of you who work with the magi process.

All my love,
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