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PostPosted: May Tue 09, 2006 7:28 am    Post subject: working with Magi Reply with quote


I recently joined this forum out of an interest for this school in broad terms and out of curiosity and to further my understanding of the Magi Process in particular. I see that the forums are very quite, but hopefully people are there in the background nevertheless and i am hapy to get the ball rolling with an issue in my life i hoped i could attempt to apply the Magi process.

By way of a very brief introduction; my name is Conrad, i live in London and how i came to be here is via the book Kabbalistic Healing which i enjoyed very much. The explanations and distinctions of the 4 worlds was very clear and helped bring understanding to how Reality operates at different levels. And the idea of being Whole in separation is how i've felt it is rather than the pure Advaita teaching propagated by so many teachers in the west today.

I am a father separated from my son who is 4 years old now. He is with his mother who, as i experience it, does nothing to support his relationship to me. She has left this town and moved away to another city, and over the weeks, months and years i have got to be with Raphael(that is his name) less and less.
I have written to Laila (rafi's mother) many many times but there seems no sign of being heard. We seem in very very different places. As i see it she is in a very Assiatic place to borrow those terms. I feel that she recognises no intrinsic value in my as a father to our son and disregards my attachment and mutual bond of being Raphael and i share. She also knows that Raphael was very attached to me and we enjoyed being together. But all that is somehow not important or written over(trampled over) by some higher value she holds of which i'm not aware.
So, i would appreciate some help with this process. To be clear, i've never done it before, and i wasn't clear from reading exactly what i am to do. I should just be aware of the situation in my body and read out the 38 sentences one by one and go through them like that? Some, help advice suggestions, clarifications would be most welcome.
Secondly, i want to suggest as a topic, if these come up monthly as a group process, doing this process in relation to the situation where children's voices are neglected and used in the power-struggle between parents, that goes on all over the world. This is a new frontier of 'rights' that is campaigned in the name of the father reflected in alot of organizations that call themselves Fathers for Jucstice or Families Need Fathers (FNF) but to me it is really about children the violence and injustice they have to swallow and adapt to which is part of this vicious cycle reflected in society as a whole much later. So, i don't know what the best wording would be but something around this i would love to support and be a part of.
I hope it is ok to put out this request even if it may not be in the right box.


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PostPosted: May Tue 16, 2006 4:27 pm    Post subject: working with the Magi Reply with quote

Hello Conrad,

Thank you for your posting to this site. It is truly exciting to see that this powerful process is expanding out into the world in this way.

The issue of children being negatively used is a theme that we have explored with the Magi process during our last summer retreat. As a community, we came together and worked with a variety of themes. This particular theme evoked a great deal of emotional reaction that each of us needed to hold and work with as part of our process of doing the Magi. As you will see in my description of working with the Magi ( below) , the process is not separate from us and in fact takes place within us. Therefore, when we work with a highly charged issue, we need to be willing to work with our transference around that issue and our belief that we know what the right outcome is.

I know that we plan to post this theme in one of the upcoming months.

Working with the Magi:

We begin this process by working with the theme that we have chosen. In this case it is a personal issue – broadly stated as your separation from your son. We work with the theme by something we call “bracketing the theme” which in essence means that that we include everything that we can about the issue. We include our own beliefs and desires, but we also include your wife’s, and your son’s. In other words, all the conflicting elements around the issue. The Magi process works on the issue or knot that has formed in the universe not on our desired outcome. As such we need to be willing to not know what the right answer is to the problem, but instead be in relationship to all the elements involved in the issue. As we bracket the theme and hold the tension of all the dissonant elements in our body and mind, a shape or image begins to form that is a manifestation of the whole situation, not just our side of it. For some people this is an actual shape that they see, for others it is a feeling in their body. It is not a shape that is pictorial or symbolically represents the issue, but a sense of its wholeness or fullness, even if that fullness contains many contradictory aspects. Once we have dropped to this level of relationship with the theme we enter into the first step of the Magi.

Once you begin the Magi process, you no longer hold the shape of the theme, or even hold the theme in your mind. You move through the steps, letting yourself stay with each step until you feel moved to go to the next.

I hope this helps a bit and I encourage you to visit the site often and share your process.

Talia Malka
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PostPosted: Sep Fri 21, 2007 4:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

dear talia,
a quick additional check on the process, please - as i am also new here.

when i am bracketing the issue... is it ok if i quickly scan through the various aspects and factes of the conflict/confusion - feeling the facets as body sensations? or do i need to deliberate, like writing down all facets?

when i am taking in the aspect of the other side involved, do i take in just how i feel about that person's stance, or do i imagine his/her take and his/her feelings of the matter?

do i let the 'whole sense' of the issue be in the background as i go through the MAGI process, or do i let go of it completely - is it okay if i feel the whole gamut of mixed sensations about the issue, as i read the various steps?
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PostPosted: Jun Thu 04, 2009 7:08 am    Post subject: working with Magi Reply with quote

I just sent myself a test email from the forum and it went to me.. but directly into my spam box. So I may have gotten flagged by the popular spam filters or something.


Check your spam box?
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